Oh, the Butthurt (and other sources of Internet Kerfuffle)


So, of late there’s been a huge amount of churn on the Book of Faces. Seems there’s this group on there called ‘Do You Even Heathen, Bro?’ This group is just chock full of all kinds of acidic wit, vitriol, mockery, and social shaming.

Needless to say, I absolutely love it. Even though I never posted anything to it myself (except to point out when my photo at the top of this page was taken by some bullshit Loki-humper and turned into a meme) I read it every day for amusement.

See, the whole point to it is to grab hold of the ridiculous dumbfuckery that passes as ‘heathenry’ on the Intarwebs lately, shine a harsh light upon it, and call it out for being what it is: utter made up bullshit. It’s an online forum for flyting, basically, only one side never seems to show up to defend their bullshit in spite of numerous invitations to do so. Instead, they have chosen to sit back and rage in their impotent butthurt, calling the perpetrators bullies or worse.

Let’s get some facts clear, here. The folks at DYEHB only posted stuff on their OWN page, nowhere else. Meaning if you wanted to behold your shit being called out by them, you would have to GO THERE TO THEM.

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So, I can see that my last post was definitely into the TL;DR category. My apologies, I will try to keep this one shorter.

There continues to be an enormous shitstorm over Slaeg’s post here on the Cornbread and Shotguns blog. Too many people are reading WAY too much into his words, finding blanket condemnations where there aren’t any and thus inferring that we are all a bunch of bigoted asshats. The turmoil has reached the point where some heathens are turning on others, even. Ridiculous.

Most of the churn seems to revolve around respect, that we don’t respect other pagans. Let me tell all those butthurt pagans something about my views on respect.

I don’t respect your beliefs. I don’t need to. I just have to respect that you have them and that they may or may not be at odds with my own. That’s it.

To me, the word respect includes an implicit, even if minor, level of agreement. Well, I DON’T agree with other religions be they pagan umbrella, Christian, Muslim, or Flying Spaghetti Monster.

What truly pisses me off about all of this is that these people *demand* that we, as heathens, respect their beliefs EVEN WHEN THEIR BELIEFS ARE COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL OF OUR OWN.

Let me tell you what I mean by that. Most modern pagans tend to be Wiccan-ish (Wiccish?). This framework includes a belief that all gods are ‘aspects’ of their Horned God, all goddess are aspects of their Great Goddess.

I’m a hard polytheist. I believe that my gods are separate entities. When you tell me that my deities are all really just part of yours, you have just completely devalued my beliefs, my gods, and my religion. You are now no better than those first millenium Christian missionaries who took our gods and turned them into angels, demons, and saints within their religious framework (or worse, tried to expunge them from the record entirely).

So, no. If you aren’t going to respect me and my beliefs, why the hell should I respect yours? Again, I respect that you have your beliefs, and I respect you as a human being and part of my outer community/township/city/workplace/whatever (although not as a person, not until I know your worth). But I cannot and will not submit to your demands that I respect your beliefs, if our beliefs are completely at odds with each other on the most basic levels.

No, we don’t hate pagans.

There’s been quite a bit of churn over the last few weeks regarding Raven  Radio and Asatru Lore, and our ‘relationship’ with the ‘pagan community’. People proclaiming in very loud, almost shrill, tones that we ‘hate’ everyone, that we have ‘threatened’ others with grievous bodily harm/extreme case of death, and other, even less savory acts of depravity.

Amazing how no one can seem to produce any proof of these threats, but anyway…

Guys, we don’t hate pagans. Let me say that again. I. Do. Not. Hate. Pagans.

I was on staff at this past year’s Pagan Pride Day, fer cryin’ out loud.

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You know those religious tracts…

The ones that ask you things like “Have you heard the GOOD NEWS????? About JAY-SUS?!?!?!”

Yeah, you know the ones I’m talking about. I always thought it might be somewhat amusing to come up with one of our own. Obviously not serious, more tongue-firmly-in-cheek kind of thing for our own amusement. Maybe something that resembles the following:

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What I Believe

Those who listen to Raven Radio will probably have heard me say more than once, that I’m not nearly as reconstructionist as a great many of our listeners or my fellow hosts.

This is not to say that I am a bad heathen, or that they are. Far from it. We just have differences of opinion on some things. Jill, for example, loathes the Eddas with every fiber of her being. Whereas I find them useful in my own studies. That sort of thing.

So I thought it may help for me to elucidate a few points of belief of mine. So, in no particular order…

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And then there was…

Yet another damned blog on the Internet! Hopefully this one won’t be full of uselessness, but one never knows.

Stay tuned…